Siobhan Claire toe poing (1)

Tiny Tots

Out Tiny Tots program is tailor made for little girls and boys ages 2-4. Through creative activities and fun games this class helps children learn balance and coordination through movement to Irish dance music. Children learn the traditional Irish skip (the basic move in all Irish dance) and progress to performing their first ‘group dance’ and beginner reel step like the big kids!


Carle Cuties

Whether they are a recent graduate of ‘Tiny Tots’ or brand new to the Carle Family, if your child is 5 or older then Carle Cuties is the place to be! Our cuties class teaches the core skills required for traditional Irish step dancing including proper posture, placement (turn out, toe points) and timing. Students will learn reels and jigs in addition to numerous ‘group dances’ with plenty of opportunities to perform.

Carle Cuties Too!

From Carle Cuties, your little one will advance to the Carle Cuties Too! where they will master all 3 soft shoe dances (reels, light jigs, slip jigs) as well as group dances such as The Walls of Limerick (a traditional ceili dance) and our Three Hand Reel.


Treble Troupe


Carle Company


For information on classes for dancers with previous experience please contact us!

Zumba, Yoga, and Aerobics

Our studio is also home to many Zumba, Yoga, and Aerobics classes throughout the week. Check the schedule page to see if you can fit one into your week.